XU Wiper Motor, Front 4F1-955-023-K for Audi A6

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Genuine Factory, XU Part Number: 4F1-955-023-K, 4F1-955-601-A, 4F1-955-601-B, 4F1-955-119, 4F1-955-601, 4F1-955-119-B, 4F1-955-119-C for 2011 Audi A6, Base, 3.2L V6 - Gas

AudiWiper Motor, Front, 4F1-955-023-K
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  4F1-955-023-K
  • Part: Wiper Motor, Front
  • Replaces: 4F1-955-601-A, 4F1-955-601-B, 4F1-955-119, 4F1-955-601, 4F1-955-119-B, 4F1-955-119-C
  • Price: $597.78

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2008AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2009AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2010AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2011AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2005AudiA6 Quattro3.2L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasBase
2006AudiA6 Quattro3.2L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2007AudiA6 Quattro3.2L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2008AudiA6 Quattro3.2L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2009AudiA6 Quattro3.0L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2010AudiA6 Quattro3.0L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2011AudiA6 Quattro3.0L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2006AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2007AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2008AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2009AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2010AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2011AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
XUFF4D0-821-137-AN + Front Support, Left Front$558.90
XUFC8J0-615-431 + Balance Weight, Right, Left$37.26
XUFH8E0-804-172-G + Heat Shield, Right$90.59
XUFU079-103-926-E + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
XUFA8K0-199-307-BF + Mount Support, Left$112.75
XUFYN-015-445-7 + Exhaust Heat Shield U-Nut, Right, Left$0.81
XUFK8K0-885-776-G + Seat Back Pad, Right Rear$330.48
XUF28T0-615-108-B + Caliper, Right$565.87
XUFV079-103-926-M + Cover, Front, Rear$573.48
XUFE4B3-407-253-G + Knuckle, Left$481.14
XUF9420-813-032-F + Lower Frame, Lower$2,324.70
XUFL06C-103-925-C + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
XUF68K0-802-020 + End Plate, Right$208.98
XUF08K0-802-125-C + Hinge Pillar Reinforced, Left Lower, Left Inner$171.07
XUFI4H0-399-644-B + Strut Bar, Right$151.63
XUFD8E0-804-171-L + Heat Shield, Left$90.59
XUF58K0-802-019 + End Plate, Left$208.98
XUFT079-103-926-G + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
XUFZ07K-109-210-G + Timing Cover, Lower, Front$607.50
XUFR7L0-407-182-E + Lower Control Arm Inner Bushing, Right Rear, Right Inner, Right Lower, Left Rear, Left Inner, Left Lower$74.62
XUFG8K0-941-717-A + Vent Hose, Left$32.40
XUF78J8-809-051-D + Inner Panel, Left Inner$736.78
XUF8N-103-320-02 + Lower Ball Joint Nut, Left Lower, Right Lower$0.97
XUFM079-103-925-D + Front Cover, Front$145.80
XUFJ8K0-885-775-D + Seat Back Pad, Left Rear$330.48
XUFO8K1-863-822-L + Baffle Plate, Rear$184.68
XUF1420-501-429-M + Front Bracket, Left Front, Left Inner$88.45
XUFX4Z7-611-775-A + Brake Hose, Left, Right$116.64
XUFW8K9-821-171-C + Fender Liner, Left$145.80
XUFP079-131-055-B + Vacuum Hose, Lower$68.04
XUF38K0-611-845-R + Retainer Plate, Left$5.35
XUFS7L0-407-182-G + Lower Control Arm Inner Bushing, Left Rear, Left Inner, Left Lower, Right Rear, Right Inner, Right Lower$74.62
XUFB079-109-284-Q + Rear Cover, Right, Rear$335.34
XUFQ8K1-863-822-S + Baffle Plate, Rear$184.68
XUF48E0-505-312-AF + Lower Control Arm, Right, Right Lower$318.43
XUFN079-103-925-P + Cover Assembly, Rear$228.42
XUCF4G0-810-199-A + Inner Center Pillar, Left Inner$355.75
XUCC079-103-803-DA + Oil Pan, Upper$792.18
XUCHN-907-075-02 + Impact Bar Mount Bolt, Left, Right$2.92
XUCU8E0-254-554-EX + Catalytic Converter, Right$1,587.60
XUCA079-103-803-CM + Oil Pan, Upper$622.08
XUCYN-014-133-19 + Tail Lamp Assembly Screw, Left Rear, Right Rear$0.32
XUCK079-103-471-AC + Valve Cover, Left$660.96
XUC24G0-853-887-C + Side Air Baffle, Left$120.53
XUCV8K0-199-387-T + Cover Plate, Left$34.83
XUCE8R0-807-331-D + Bumper Bracket, Left$150.66
XUC94E0-881-405-AH-XZG + Cushion Cover, Right, Left$1,516.32
XUCLN-024-507-6 + Connector Hose Clamp, Right Front, Right Lower, Left Front, Left Lower$4.86
XUC68V7-821-171-G + Fender Liner, Left$96.23
XUC08D0-254-500-AX + Catalytic Converter, Left$1,814.40
XUCI4G0-898-522-T + Seat Cushion Pad, Right$810.81
XUCD8T0-898-522-N + Occupant Sensor, Right$967.20
XUC58D0-804-161-F + Heat Shield, Left$80.84
XUCT078-121-071-CD + Water Pipe, Rear$447.12
XUCZ8P4-807-377-B + Side Support, Left$32.40
XUCR078-121-071-BS + Rear Pipe Assembly, Rear$207.23
XUCG4F0-512-297-B + Spring Seat, Right Lower, Left Lower$14.58
XUC74B0-807-467-A + Bumper Cover Grommet, Left, Right$1.13
XUC8N-103-401-03 + Impact Bar Nut, Right$0.81
XUCMN-024-508-5 + Intake Pipe Clamp, Left, Right$4.86
XUCJ8L9-145-805-H + Inter-Cooler, Left$423.79
XUCO7L0-820-679-D + Expansion Valve, Front$116.64
XUC18E0-512-019-F + Shock Absorber, Left$714.42
XUCX8K0-199-387-P + Cover Plate, Left$34.83
XUCW022-906-262-BQ + Oxygen Sensor, Rear$234.90
XUCP7L6-863-925-E + Sound Absorber, Inner$236.52
XUC38P4-807-378-B + Side Support, Right$32.40
XUCS8R0-867-979-B-4PK + Lower Trim Panel, Lower$345.06
XUCB4L1-837-885-G + Bow, Left$208.98
XUCQ8R0-615-107-G + Caliper, Left$462.72
XUC4N-103-443-02 + Front Brace Bolt, Right Front, Left Front$3.08
XUCN06D-103-623-D + Baffle, Rear$37.26
XUHF4L0-819-511-D + Dash Shield, Left Outer$330.48
XUHC8E0-199-379-BH + Motor Mount, Left$170.00
XUHH078-133-889-H + Connector Pipe, Right$84.52
XUHU8E5-885-703-S-86R + Seat Back End, Left Rear$607.50
XUHA8P0-803-501-B + Side Member Assembly, Left$733.86
XUHY8K9-885-502-K-7EQ + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear$540.43
XUHK107-837-063-BJ + Lock Cylinder, Left$204.12
XUH28R0-941-476-B + Led Unit, Right$356.97
XUHV893-837-237-E-01C + Trim Plate, Right Lower, Left Lower$68.04
XUHE8V5-821-171-G + Fender Liner, Left$96.23
XUH98P0-857-608-F-Z62 + Grip Handle, Right Rear$87.48
XUHL107-837-063-BH + Lock Cylinder, Left$266.33
XUH61K0-881-879 + Lumbar Support, Right, Left$630.00
XUH0420-837-461-B + Window Regulator, Left$414.07
XUHIN-910-014-02 + Mount Bolt, Right Rear, Left Rear$7.61
XUHD8T0-253-019-EX + Mnfd W/Converter, Left$1,837.08
XUH54H0-505-565-A + Stone Guard, Inner, Rear$22.68
XUHT1J0-803-127-C + Retaining Bracket, Left Front$157.14
XUHZ4L0-867-104-E-WFA + Door Trim Panel, Right$1,031.94
XUHR1K0-121-093-AJ + Lower Hose Holder, Lower$14.99
XUHGN-906-439-06 + Support Retainer Screw, Rear$0.97
XUH7420-881-406-D-JJF + Cushion Cover, Right$1,021.41
XUH88K0-837-440-J + Run Channel, Right$213.84
XUHM107-837-063-CD + Lock Cylinder, Left$346.03
XUHJ107-837-063-BD + Lock Cylinder, Left$144.83
XUHO4H0-809-039-C + Roof Rail, Left$1,555.20
XUH14L1-857-409-Q-01C + Mirror Housing, Left$583.20
XUHX8R0-867-245-M-4PK + Upper Pillar Trim, Left Upper$158.44
XUHW8J8-853-704-A-1P9 + Roof Molding, Right$276.05
XUHP06F-121-492-L + Inlet Tube, Rear$75.82
XUH38E1-867-103-MRU + Trim Panel, Left$942.44
XUHS4E0-853-284-E-2ZZ + Belt Molding, Right$249.85
XUHB07L-103-171-T + Rear Main Seal Retainer, Rear$890.84
XUHQ4G8-880-741-E + Head Air Bag, Left$612.02
XUH48K0-853-283-J-2ZZ + Belt Molding, Left$165.24
XUHN4L0-819-512-D + Dash Shield, Right Outer$330.48