XT Audi S8 AC Line, Front OEM 4E0-260-710-AD

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Part #4E0-260-710-AD - XT AC Line, Front 4E0-260-710-AC for 2009 Audi S8, Base, 5.2L V10 - Gas

AudiAC Line, Front, 4E0-260-710-AD
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  4E0-260-710-AD
  • Part: AC Line, Front
  • Replaces: 4E0-260-710-AC
  • Price: $404.35

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007AudiS85.2L V10 - GasBase
2008AudiS85.2L V10 - GasBase
2009AudiS85.2L V10 - GasBase

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XTFF8K0-407-183-A + Bushing, Left Lower, Left Rear, Right Lower, Right Rear$51.52
XTFC1K0-199-262-M + Mount, Right, Right Front$176.48
XTFHN-908-517-02 + Upper Oil Pan Bolt, Upper$0.81
XTFUN-902-818-02 + Drain Plug, Right, Left$2.43
XTFA4B0-505-145-C + Cross-Member Bushing, Rear$89.42
XTFY1K0-505-145-J + Suspension Cross-Member Front Bushing, Right Front, Left Front$42.04
XTFK8F0-853-107-D + Reveal Molding Clamp, Right Upper, Left Upper$5.43
XTF28J0-412-303-F + Strut Bumper, Left, Right$62.21
XTFVN-907-834-01 + Adapter O-Ring, Right Rear, Right, Left Rear$0.81
XTFE1K0-199-262-AR + Motor Mount, Right$176.48
XTF94G0-972-251-E + ABS Sensor Wire, Right, Left$106.92
XTFLN-100-173-04 + Turn & Stop Lamp Nut, Right Inner, Left Inner$0.81
XTF68E0-599-257-K + Suspension Cross-Member Bushing, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear$27.54
XTF04G5-839-439-G + Window Channel, Left$213.84
XTFI4D0-411-336-G + Stabilizer Bar Bracket, Left, Right$7.05
XTFD07C-103-803-K + Oil Pan, Upper$922.43
XTF58E0-254-554-PX + Catalytic Converter, Right$1,587.60
XTFT8E5-810-517-B + Tail Panel Extension, Left$126.36
XTFZ1K0-505-145-K + Suspension Cross-Member Rear Bushing, Left Rear, Right Rear$47.45
XTFR8T0-831-707-D + Weather-Strip On Body, Right Lower, Left Lower$160.38
XTFG8K0-407-183-F + Bushing, Right Rear, Right Lower, Left Rear, Left Lower$72.90
XTF74B7-955-113-B + Front Motor, Front$346.03
XTF8077-131-831-F + Cross Over Pipe, Rear$149.64
XTFM4D0-807-357-A + Energy Absorber, Right, Left$384.91
XTFJ07P-103-983-B + Sound Absorber, Left$290.63
XTFO8T0-837-911-G + Surround Weather-Strip, Left$238.14
XTF1079-103-483-K + Valve Cover Gasket, Right$34.83
XTFX7L8-199-308-F + Mount Bracket, Right$69.98
XTFWN-024-518-4 + Clamp, Right Upper, Right Outer, Right Inner, Left Upper, Left Outer, Left Inner$3.24
XTFP8J1-880-482-C + Knee Air Bag Support, Right$72.90
XTF3N-907-371-05 + Storage Box Screw, Left, Right$1.22
XTFS4G8-941-753-B + Headlamp Assembly, Left$1,363.64
XTFBN-104-253-02 + Ft Upper Control Arm Mount Bolt, Right Rear, Right Upper, Left Rear, Left Upper$4.37
XTFQ4G8-941-773-B + Composite Headlamp, Left$3,146.85
XTF48K0-941-699-C + Fog Lamp Assembly, Left$102.06
XTFN4E1-955-425-D + Wiper Blade, Left$27.22
XTCF4B1-837-015-H + Lock Assembly, Left$388.80
XTCC8K0-599-381-G + Differential Mount Center Bushing, Front, Rear$68.04
XTCH4E0-253-662-F + Rear Bracket, Right Rear$138.02
XTCU8L9-145-790-B + Pressure Hose, Left Upper$290.63
XTCA420-906-407-D + Mount Bracket, Right$140.05
XTCY077-103-831-D + Valve Cover Bolt, Left, Right$10.37
XTCK8R0-837-915-D + Inner Cover, Left Inner$21.87
XTC2420-941-273-F + Rear Sensor, Left, Left Rear$223.56
XTCV4F1-941-824 + Fuse Holder, Right, Front, Rear, Left$51.52
XTCE8P0-821-203-B + Rear Seal, Left Rear$10.13
XTC94G0-254-202-MX + Converter & Pipe, Left$969.57
XTCL8F0-809-207-C + Windshield Pillar, Left$203.15
XTC64B0-809-237-B + Striker Plate, Left Upper, Right Upper$13.12
XTC0N-105-355-02 + Support Bolt, Left, Right$0.65
XTCI8H1-959-527-A-8L5 + Switch Housing, Left$42.12
XTCD4B1-955-113-A + Motor, Front$346.03
XTC51K0-505-541-D + Trailing Arm Bushing, Left, Right$12.18
XTCT8P4-035-382-C + Rear Speaker, Rear$447.12
XTCZ077-103-831-E + Valve Cover Bolt, Left, Right$5.02
XTCR1K0-881-157-C + Cushion Frame, Left$1,316.25
XTCG4E0-253-662-E + Rear Bracket, Right Rear$64.15
XTC71K0-698-451-K + Brake Pads, Rear$76.82
XTC81K0-698-451-G + Brake Pads, Rear$66.29
XTCM4H0-121-670-A + Solenoid Valve, Rear$145.80
XTCJWHT-001-974 + Lateral Arm Washer, Left, Right$4.05
XTCO8K0-819-161-C + Vent, Left, Right$72.90
XTC14E0-823-722-F + Side Seal, Right$17.82
XTCX4F9-839-439-T + Window Guide, Left$311.04
XTCW8K9-867-973-A-1CT + Upper Trim Panel, Upper$123.44
XTCP4E0-399-114-AR + Trans Mount Bracket, Right$256.61
XTC34L0-820-901-T-3Q7 + Side Outlet, Left Front$162.71
XTCS4F0-412-391-C + Upper Bracket, Left Upper, Right Upper$233.28
XTCB078-145-806-L + Inter-Cooler, Right$534.60
XTCQ8R0-972-253-J + Sensor Harness, Left$171.07
XTC4N-906-601-01 + Boot Clamp, Left Inner, Right Inner$6.48
XTCN4G8-881-775-G + Seat Back Pad, Left Rear$311.04
XTHF4D0-821-137-AN + Front Support, Left Front$558.90
XTHC8J0-615-431 + Balance Weight, Right, Left$37.26
XTHH8E0-804-172-G + Heat Shield, Right$90.59
XTHU079-103-926-E + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
XTHA8K0-199-307-BF + Mount Support, Left$112.75
XTHYN-015-445-7 + Exhaust Heat Shield U-Nut, Right, Left$0.81
XTHK8K0-885-776-G + Seat Back Pad, Right Rear$330.48
XTH28T0-615-108-B + Caliper, Right$565.87
XTHV079-103-926-M + Cover, Front, Rear$573.48
XTHE4B3-407-253-G + Knuckle, Left$481.14
XTH9420-813-032-F + Lower Frame, Lower$2,324.70
XTHL06C-103-925-C + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
XTH68K0-802-020 + End Plate, Right$208.98
XTH08K0-802-125-C + Hinge Pillar Reinforced, Left Lower, Left Inner$171.07
XTHI4H0-399-644-B + Strut Bar, Right$151.63
XTHD8E0-804-171-L + Heat Shield, Left$90.59
XTH58K0-802-019 + End Plate, Left$208.98
XTHT079-103-926-G + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
XTHZ07K-109-210-G + Timing Cover, Lower, Front$607.50
XTHR7L0-407-182-E + Lower Control Arm Inner Bushing, Right Rear, Right Inner, Right Lower, Left Rear, Left Inner, Left Lower$74.62
XTHG8K0-941-717-A + Vent Hose, Left$32.40
XTH78J8-809-051-D + Inner Panel, Left Inner$736.78
XTH8N-103-320-02 + Lower Ball Joint Nut, Left Lower, Right Lower$0.97
XTHM079-103-925-D + Front Cover, Front$145.80
XTHJ8K0-885-775-D + Seat Back Pad, Left Rear$330.48
XTHO8K1-863-822-L + Baffle Plate, Rear$184.68
XTH1420-501-429-M + Front Bracket, Left Front, Left Inner$88.45
XTHX4Z7-611-775-A + Brake Hose, Left, Right$116.64
XTHW8K9-821-171-C + Fender Liner, Left$145.80
XTHP079-131-055-B + Vacuum Hose, Lower$68.04
XTH38K0-611-845-R + Retainer Plate, Left$5.35
XTHS7L0-407-182-G + Lower Control Arm Inner Bushing, Left Rear, Left Inner, Left Lower, Right Rear, Right Inner, Right Lower$74.62
XTHB079-109-284-Q + Rear Cover, Right, Rear$335.34
XTHQ8K1-863-822-S + Baffle Plate, Rear$184.68
XTH48E0-505-312-AF + Lower Control Arm, Right, Right Lower$318.43
XTHN079-103-925-P + Cover Assembly, Rear$228.42