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EM Part WV 420-615-601-F, 420-615-601-A, 420-615-601-B, 420-615-601-C, 420-615-601-E for 2012 Audi R8, Base, GT, GT Spyder, Spyder, 4.2L V8 - Gas, 5.2L V10 - Gas

AudiRotor, Right, Left, 420-615-601-F
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  420-615-601-F
  • Part: Rotor, Right, Left
  • Replaces: 420-615-601-A, 420-615-601-B, 420-615-601-C, 420-615-601-E
  • Price: $473.85

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2008AudiR84.2L V8 - GasBase
2009AudiR84.2L V8 - GasBase
2010AudiR84.2L V8 - Gas, 5.2L V10 - GasBase
2011AudiR84.2L V8 - Gas, 5.2L V10 - GasBase, Spyder
2012AudiR84.2L V8 - Gas, 5.2L V10 - GasBase, GT, GT Spyder, Spyder

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WVFU8D5-809-838-C + Rear Section, Right Rear$801.90
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WVFV077-109-098-C + Timing Cover, Left Inner$69.66
WVFE1K0-881-920-AE-J50 + Headrest Guide, Right, Left$29.47
WVF98T0-813-253 + Rear Body Panel, Rear$330.48
WVFLN-902-890-03 + Adjust Plate Spacer Ring, Right, Left$0.81
WVF68J0-803-961-B + Access Cover, Left$12.15
WVF08K1-972-253-D + ABS Sensor Wire, Left$171.07
WVFI4H0-839-903-B-5FQ + Rear Trim, Left Rear$87.48
WVFDN-909-567-02 + Support Mount Bolt, Left Rear, Right Rear$1.94
WVF58J0-825-711-G + Resonator Shield, Rear$122.67
WVFT4H0-819-229-A + Intake Duct Gasket, Front$34.59
WVFZ8R0-885-775-G + Seat Back Pad, Left Rear$417.96
WVFR8L0-803-501-A + Side Member Assembly, Left$400.48
WVFG8P0-821-111-B + End Plate, Left$68.04
WVF78R0-885-776-G + Seat Back Pad, Right Rear$417.96
WVF84L0-883-287-C + Outer Bracket, Left Outer$69.50
WVFM8P0-867-276-A + Windshield Pillar Trim Retainer, Left Upper, Right Upper$2.19
WVFJ4D0-837-019-G-7PE + Handle, Inside, Left$145.80
WVFO8H0-881-046-AC + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear$1,579.50
WVF14E0-809-851-G + Support, Left$908.74
WVFX8E0-959-777-B-4PK + Switch, Right, Left$152.28
WVFW8D9-809-848-D + Rocker Panel, Right$569.59
WVFP8J0-407-452-BX + Axle Assembly, Right$521.64
WVF34B0-035-420-A-2ET + Speaker Grille, Right$16.95
WVFS4E0-121-284-G + Air Baffle, Right$50.22
WVFB8E0-882-627-A-49G + Storage Box Door, Left$34.86
WVFQ8J1-857-343-B-24A + Upper Cover, Upper$260.50
WVF41K0-122-101-LA + Upper Hose, Upper$135.46
WVFN8E0-959-777-B-61S + Switch, Left, Right$175.93
WVCF4B0-035-435-A-4PK + Speaker Grille, Left$16.90
WVCC4B9-887-615-4PK + Lock Plate, Right, Left$49.09
WVCH8F0-885-776-G + Seat Back Pad, Right Rear$270.22
WVCUN-902-846-02 + Quarter Glass Nut, Left, Right$2.09
WVCA8T0-827-569-E + Protect Strip, Inner$40.50
WVCY4B0-885-607-B-6PS + Bezel, Rear$59.29
WVCK8H0-881-463-A-1YE + Hinge Cover, Left$36.45
WVC2N-104-492-02 + Bracket Bolt, Right, Left$1.13
WVCV8N8-845-300-C-NVB + Quarter Glass, Right$149.69
WVCE8E0-886-920-C-J50 + Headrest Guide, Right Rear, Right Outer, Left Rear, Left Outer$29.47
WVC94D0-407-625-H + Wheel Bearing, Rear$227.14
WVCLN-106-112-01 + Connector Tube Bolt, Front$0.49
WVC67L0-407-021-B + Upper Control Arm, Left Upper, Right Upper$369.36
WVC08E0-711-543-C-6YS + Lower Cover, Lower$28.35
WVCI4B0-877-165 + Sunshade Guide, Left, Right$25.11
WVCD4B0-857-552-M-2PL + Sun-Visor, Right$176.90
WVC5N-103-472-04 + Retaining Bracket Bolt, Left, Right$0.49
WVCTN-908-461-02 + Coupling Front Bolt, Front$1.94
WVCZ4F0-823-731-A + Front Seal, Front$74.84
WVCR4L0-885-045-C-9AM + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$775.66
WVCG4B0-885-607-B-4QC + Bezel, Rear$81.58
WVC74E0-807-271-AD + Bumper Bracket, Left$422.82
WVC83B0-615-125 + Carrier Assembly, Right, Left$263.41
WVCM4G0-201-992-C + Vent Pipe, Left$68.04
WVCJN-011-524-26 + Cover Washer, Right, Left$0.34
WVCO431-399-291-C + Trans Mount Stop, Left, Right$13.37
WVC1420-407-151-L + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$630.83
WVCX8N0-941-004-BK + Headlamp Assembly, Right$1,503.68
WVCW4F0-802-085-B + Rear Cross-Member, Rear$243.00
WVCP8N0-941-003-BG + Composite Assembly, Left$530.71
WVC38E0-201-308-J + Heat Shield, Left Rear$69.01
WVCS8T0-809-378-D + Inner Rocker, Right Inner$422.82
WVCB8R0-863-565-B + Lower Cover, Lower$83.59
WVCQ4F0-802-089-A + Floor Extension, Left$160.38
WVC48E0-201-308-N + Heat Shield, Right Rear$72.90
WVCN8V0-953-512-L-4PK + Lower Column Cover, Lower$123.44
WVHFN-105-557-02 + Heat Shield Screw, Left, Right$0.32
WVHC4H0-260-759-H + AC Tube Lower Bracket, Lower$33.21
WVHH4H1-035-402-A + Pkg Tray Speaker, Right Outer$197.32
WVHU8N7-810-061-C + Corner Reinforced, Left$82.62
WVHA06A-109-108-K + Upper Timing Cover, Upper, Front$68.04
WVHY8T0-941-699-F + Fog Lamp Assembly, Left$116.64
WVHK4F1-962-107-B-5PR + Lock Switch, Left$118.58
WVH2420-121-262-B + Upper Bracket, Upper$11.99
WVHV4H0-813-307-C + Tail Lamp Pocket, Left$86.51
WVHE8N0-253-731-C + Rear Shield, Rear$143.86
WVH91C0-941-621 + Bulb Bulb Holder, Left, Right$23.81
WVHL8N0-407-365-C + Ball Joint, Left Lower, Right Lower$142.53
WVH64B7-955-425-L + Wiper Blade, Left$36.74
WVH0N-906-298-03 + Insulator Bolt, Left, Right$0.81
WVHIWHT-000-351 + Ball Stud, Left, Right$3.24
WVHD4H4-867-561-A-01C + Sunroof Trim, Front$179.82
WVH58P0-941-003-BD + Composite Headlamp, Left$413.10
WVHT420-251-212-PX + Mnfd W/Converter, Right$2,069.55
WVHZ171-201-969 + Wheelhouse Liner Nut, Left Upper, Left Inner, Right Upper, Right Inner$0.97
WVHR8T1-399-345-J + Support Brace, Lower$178.85
WVHG4F0-505-311-M + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$588.06
WVH74H0-823-509-C + Lock & Switch, Right, Left$165.24
WVH88R0-845-299-AA-NVB + Quarter Glass, Left$388.80
WVHM3C0-505-433-K + Knuckle, Left$434.16
WVHJ420-959-801-H + Window Motor, Left$461.02
WVHO4G0-809-485-A + Center Pillar Reinforced Lower Plate, Left Lower$126.36
WVH1420-863-901-F + Sound Absorber, Left Outer$236.20
WVHX4B9-833-721-M + Door Weather-Strip, Right, Left$146.77
WVHW8E1-837-019-G-27X + Handle, Inside, Left$106.92
WVHP4H0-941-309-C + Rear Sensor, Left, Left Rear$213.84
WVH38T0-941-700-F + Fog Lamp Assembly, Right$116.64
WVHSN-908-338-01 + Fender Liner Grommet, Right Upper, Left Upper$0.81
WVHB7L8-121-065-D + Hose Assembly, Upper$217.73
WVHQ8E0-863-822-D + Splash Pan, Rear$174.96
WVH4N-904-862-04 + Hanger Nut, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear$1.62
WVHN4H0-399-151-AT + Trans Mount, Left$131.22