P1 Part 8D0-407-515-C Bushing, Left Rear, Left Upper, Right Rear, Right Upper

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Vendor P1; Part 8D0-407-515-C; Name Bushing, Left Rear, Left Upper, Right Rear, Right Upper - 8D0-407-515-A, 8D0-407-515-B for 2009 Audi A4, Cabriolet, 2.0L L4 - Gas

AudiBushing, Left Rear, Left Upper, Right Rear, Right Upper, 8D0-407-515-C
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  8D0-407-515-C
  • Part: Bushing, Left Rear, Left Upper, Right Rear, Right Upper
  • Replaces: 8D0-407-515-A, 8D0-407-515-B
  • Price: $33.11

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2008AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2009AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2010AudiS65.2L V10 - GasBase
2008AudiS44.2L V8 - GasCabriolet
2009AudiS44.2L V8 - GasCabriolet
2008AudiA8 Quattro4.2L V8 - Gas, 6.0L W12 - GasBase, L
2009AudiA8 Quattro4.2L V8 - Gas, 6.0L W12 - GasBase, L
2010AudiA8 Quattro4.2L V8 - GasBase, L
2008AudiA6 Quattro3.2L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2009AudiA6 Quattro3.0L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2010AudiA6 Quattro3.0L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2011AudiA6 Quattro3.0L V6 - Gas, 4.2L V8 - GasAvant, Base
2008AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2009AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2010AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2011AudiA63.2L V6 - GasBase
2008AudiA4 Quattro2.0L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasAvant, Base, Cabriolet
2009AudiA4 Quattro2.0L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasBase, Cabriolet
2008AudiA42.0L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasBase, Cabriolet
2009AudiA42.0L L4 - GasCabriolet

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
P1FF4E0-807-682-C-01C + Outer Grille, Right Outer$155.52
P1FC8H0-881-806-S-9P9 + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear$1,031.94
P1FH4F0-839-239-B-GRU + Trim Plate, Right, Left$126.36
P1FU7L0-616-571-D + Level Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$221.94
P1FA8D0-611-775-D + Hose, Right, Left$46.98
P1FY8K0-898-522-Q + Seat Cushion Pad, Right$870.49
P1FK4D0-411-105-DF + Coil Spring, Right, Left$287.71
P1F28N0-881-406-R-25D + Cushion Cover, Right$787.32
P1FV8K0-857-085-B-1FU + Side Cover, Left$36.45
P1FE8E9-885-704-AK-4A3 + Seat Back End, Right Rear$607.50
P1F98T0-853-909-A + Rocker Molding Clip, Right, Left$0.97
P1FL8P0-907-391 + Control Module, Left, Right$515.16
P1F64G5-863-888-D-36R + Trunk Side Trim, Right$408.24
P1F08E9-857-791-B-5PR + Guide, Left$69.98
P1FI4B5-839-753-H-03C + Inner Panel, Left Inner$566.68
P1FD4G0-857-228-B-BD6 + Speaker Grille, Right$34.83
P1F58H0-817-993-A + Windshield Frame Frame, Inner$180.79
P1FTWHT-001-938 + Lower Control Arm Lock Nut, Right Inner, Right Lower, Left Inner, Left Lower$2.43
P1FZ8D5-845-533-D-01C + Reveal Molding, Upper$48.11
P1FR8R0-955-711-C + Rear Motor, Rear$265.36
P1FGN-101-708-04 + Trailing Arm Mount Bolt, Left, Right$2.43
P1F74D0-807-033 + Seal, Left Inner$28.35
P1F8420-121-046-C + Connector Tube, Front, Inner$95.26
P1FM8K0-857-085-B-1CT + Side Cover, Left$36.45
P1FJ8E0-615-601-P + Rotor, Left, Right$82.13
P1FO4E0-887-301-E-8X5 + Cover, Left Outer, Right Outer$30.78
P1F18N0-881-806-BR-25D + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear$926.64
P1FX4D0-857-561-E-4PK + Sun-Visor Bracket, Left, Right$9.72
P1FWN-102-265-01 + Door Shell Cap, Left, Right$1.62
P1FP4F0-853-374-H-01C + Scuff Plate, Right Front$214.18
P1F34F0-853-587-C + Applique Bracket, Left$12.15
P1FS8K0-898-522-K + Seat Cushion Pad, Right$967.20
P1FB8J1-823-531-C + Release Cable, Front$34.02
P1FQ8E9-885-504-N-87A + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear$540.43
P1F48U0-955-159-D + Cap Bracket, Left, Right$34.75
P1FN8V0-963-555-D + Seat Cushion Heater, Left, Right$287.71
P1CF8E0-953-512-P-1DH + Lower Cover, Lower$123.44
P1CC06E-109-285-P + Upper Cover, Upper$72.90
P1CH8K1-880-301-C-J42 + Storage Cover, Lower$265.36
P1CU8P0-857-608-F-Y22 + Grip Handle, Right Rear$96.23
P1CA8D9-867-979-D-FQW + Lower Trim Panel, Lower$342.14
P1CY8K0-253-609-CT + Resonator, Left Rear, Left$1,074.06
P1CK1K0-407-357-B + Retainer Plate, Left, Right$1.62
P1C28E0-959-851-D-5PR + Window Switch, Left Front, Left$108.86
P1CV4E0-807-820-C-01C + Lower Trim, Lower$70.96
P1CE8E0-407-505-P + Ft Upper Control Arm, Left, Left Front, Left Upper$160.38
P1C94B9-880-765-B + Guide Bracket, Left Rear$21.87
P1CL8D0-615-311-E + Splash Shield, Left$22.24
P1C64L0-919-603 + Display Unit, Right, Left$1,757.70
P1C08E0-407-506-A + Ft Upper Control Arm, Right Upper$126.36
P1CI420-810-171-F + Wheelhouse Liner, Left$175.98
P1CDN-104-301-03 + Sun-Visor Screw, Left, Right$0.65
P1C58E0-810-172-E + Wheelhouse Liner, Right$145.80
P1CT8R1-614-724-K + Brake Tube, Right$72.90
P1CZ8K0-253-609-DA + Resonator, Right Rear, Right$1,095.12
P1CR8K0-882-601-C-4PK + Storage Box, Left, Right$120.72
P1CG8E0-407-505-Q + Ft Upper Control Arm, Left Front, Left, Left Upper$242.03
P1C78E0-810-179-B + Inner Windshield Pillar, Left Inner$355.75
P1C84F0-254-505-SX + Converter & Pipe, Left$1,508.22
P1CM4H0-845-300-D-NVB + Quarter Glass, Right$388.80
P1CJ4E4-853-701-C-GRU + Drip Channel, Left$148.04
P1CO4L0-877-049-C + Drive Cable Assembly, Rear, Front$779.22
P1C18K0-253-609-BM + Resonator, Left Rear, Left$699.84
P1CX8T0-881-969-G-QAU + Seat Back Panel, Left Rear, Right Rear$236.70
P1CW4F0-959-851-G-5PR + Window Switch, Left$138.02
P1CP420-598-625-A + Hub & Bearing Assembly, Right Rear, Left Rear$218.70
P1C3N-904-527-03 + Radiator Washer, Left, Right$2.27
P1CSN-908-144-02 + Mount Bracket Stud, Right, Left$2.43
P1CB8E0-407-505-A + Ft Upper Control Arm, Left Front, Left, Left Upper$126.36
P1CQ4F0-825-429-A + Fender Liner Fastener, Left Lower, Right Lower$1.94
P1C4068-103-085-E + Seal, Front$11.70
P1CN8E0-831-575 + Impact Bar Strip, Right, Left$5.67
P1HF8E0-698-151-G + Brake Pads, Front$139.00
P1HC8K0-881-439 + Bolster, Left, Right$83.20
P1HH8E0-959-855-A-5PR + Window Switch, Right, Right Front, Left Front$69.98
P1HUWHT-002-262 + Knuckle Adjust Bolt, Right Front, Right Inner, Right Lower, Left Front, Left Inner, Left Lower$14.74
P1HA4E4-853-860-D-GRU + Rocker Molding, Right$267.30
P1HY4E0-945-095-J + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$442.26
P1HK8E0-698-151-Q + Front Pads, Front$568.62
P1H207P-253-020-MX + Exhaust Manifold, Right Rear$1,237.19
P1HV4B0-253-011-QX + Catalytic Converter, Left$1,508.22
P1HE06D-121-085-C + Front Pipe, Front$69.98
P1H94F0-501-529-E + Track Bar, Left Rear, Right Rear$121.50
P1HL8K0-498-099-F + Outer Joint Assembly, Right Outer, Left Outer$625.97
P1H64F1-955-023-K + Wiper Motor, Front$597.78
P1H007P-253-020-KX + Exhaust Manifold, Right Front$1,457.19
P1HI3C0-505-224-F + Trailing Arm, Right$176.58
P1HD4H0-837-206-B-GRU + Handle, Outside, Right$272.16
P1H54E0-260-710-AD + AC Line, Front$404.35
P1HT8V0-898-522-G + Seat Cushion Pad, Right$321.68
P1HZ4F9-863-879-G-SQA + Side Trim, Left$897.16
P1HR420-813-109-E + Side Member, Left$602.64
P1HG8R0-945-095-B + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left Rear$179.82
P1H74G0-616-712-M + Front Hose, Right Front$290.63
P1H8423-867-101-B-H77 + Switch Bezel, Left$228.42
P1HM07L-133-836-AE + Air Cleaner Assembly, Right$481.14
P1HJ4B9-845-299-AQ-MKR + Quarter Glass, Left$388.80
P1HO8K0-857-755-G-01C + Buckle End, Left, Right$153.58
P1H1420-807-739 + Bumper Cover Mount Bolt, Left Front, Left Upper, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Upper, Right Rear$8.91
P1HX4F0-885-806-AS-1KV + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear$1,105.65
P1HW8V0-898-522-F + Seat Cushion Pad, Right$289.51
P1HP8T0-809-201-A + Inner Hinge Pillar, Left Inner$609.44
P1H38H0-871-793-A + Oil Pipe, Left$388.80
P1HS06E-906-051-AA + Pressure Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$106.92
P1HB7P0-253-209-F + Front Muffler, Left Front$347.00
P1HQ4G0-616-711-M + Front Hose, Left Front$290.63
P1H48F0-853-265-D-3Q7 + Reveal Molding, Left$588.06
P1HN8N0-399-401-A + Support Brace, Left$151.63