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OO $1,068.80, Headlamp Assembly, Right / 8R0-941-043-E + 8R0-941-043-B for 2016 Audi Q5, Hybrid Prestige, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Premium Plus S-Line, TDI Prestige, TDI Prestige S-Line, 2.0L L4 - Electric/Gas, 2.0L L4 - Flex, 3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - Gas

AudiHeadlamp Assembly, Right, 8R0-941-043-E
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  8R0-941-043-E
  • Part: Headlamp Assembly, Right
  • Replaces: 8R0-941-043-B
  • Price: $1,068.80

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2014AudiSQ53.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2015AudiSQ53.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2016AudiSQ53.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2013AudiQ52.0L L4 - Electric/Gas, 2.0L L4 - Flex, 3.0L V6 - GasHybrid Prestige, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
2014AudiQ52.0L L4 - Electric/Gas, 2.0L L4 - Flex, 3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - GasHybrid Prestige, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige
2015AudiQ52.0L L4 - Electric/Gas, 2.0L L4 - Flex, 3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - GasHybrid Prestige, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige
2016AudiQ52.0L L4 - Electric/Gas, 2.0L L4 - Flex, 3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - GasHybrid Prestige, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Premium Plus S-Line, TDI Prestige, TDI Prestige S-Line

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OOCC8E0-412-377-C + Upper Mount, Right Upper, Left Upper$73.87
OOCH8E0-399-105-JF + Mount Assembly, Rear$223.56
OOCU420-941-273-E + Front Sensor, Left, Left Front$223.56
OOCA06D-109-244-E + Idler Pulley, Lower, Upper$74.80
OOCY078-105-701-N-GLB + Bearings, Upper, Lower$32.81
OOCK8K5-885-502-G-CA9 + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear$540.43
OOC206C-121-085-F + Water Pipe, Rear$249.84
OOCV4F0-199-351-S + Mount Bracket, Left$151.63
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OOCD8P0-881-920-E-8X5 + Headrest Guide, Left Rear, Right Rear$23.83
OOC5N-107-315-01 + Rear Lower Control Arm Mount Bolt, Right Rear, Right Lower, Left Rear, Left Lower$5.51
OOCT8E0-955-987-C + Washer Nozzle, Left$34.75
OOCZ7P0-253-209-G + Front Muffler, Right Front$347.00
OOCR4H4-839-439-D + Window Guide, Left$364.50
OOCG4L0-867-371-H77 + Pull Handle, Left$44.55
OOC74B3-501-530 + Trailing Arm, Right, Left$159.72
OOC88J7-857-593-B-4PK + Upper Cover, Upper$30.78
OOCM8F0-907-677-A + Yaw Sensor, Rear$246.89
OOCJ4B9-863-463-90G + Carpet, Left Outer$252.72
OOCON-011-183-12 + Sensor Nut, Left Upper, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Upper, Right Rear, Right Front$0.97
OOC14F0-199-352-M + Mount Bracket, Right$151.63
OOCX4F0-199-351-T + Mount Bracket, Left$151.63
OOCWN-100-493-08 + Bracket Bolt, Right, Left Front, Right Front$0.97
OOCP7L8-513-029-N + Strut, Left$1,062.48
OOC3N-905-618-01 + Hose Clamp, Lower$2.43
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OOHH8V0-953-512-L-4PK + Lower Column Cover, Lower$123.44
OOHU8E0-711-543-C-6YS + Lower Cover, Lower$28.35
OOHA4B0-885-607-B-4QC + Bezel, Rear$81.58
OOHY8E0-201-308-N + Heat Shield, Right Rear$72.90
OOHK4F0-802-089-A + Floor Extension, Left$160.38
OOH23B0-615-125 + Carrier Assembly, Right, Left$263.41
OOHV420-407-151-L + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$630.83
OOHE8H0-881-463-A-1YE + Hinge Cover, Left$36.45
OOH98K0-881-880 + Lumbar Support, Left, Right$421.22
OOHL4L0-885-045-C-9AM + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$775.66
OOH64H0-839-461-C + Window Regulator, Left$278.96
OOH07L0-407-021-B + Upper Control Arm, Left Upper, Right Upper$369.36
OOHI431-399-291-C + Trans Mount Stop, Left, Right$13.37
OOHDN-011-524-26 + Cover Washer, Right, Left$0.34
OOH506E-906-265-AK + Oxygen Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$233.28
OOHT4F0-823-731-A + Front Seal, Front$74.84
OOHZN-103-472-04 + Retaining Bracket Bolt, Left, Right$0.49
OOHR8N0-941-004-BK + Headlamp Assembly, Right$1,503.68
OOHG4G0-201-992-C + Vent Pipe, Left$68.04
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OOH84F0-959-455-P + Fan & Motor, Left$272.16
OOHM8T0-809-378-D + Inner Rocker, Right Inner$422.82
OOHJ8N0-941-003-BG + Composite Assembly, Left$530.71
OOHON-902-846-02 + Quarter Glass Nut, Left, Right$2.09
OOH14E0-807-271-AD + Bumper Bracket, Left$422.82
OOHX8E0-201-308-J + Heat Shield, Left Rear$69.01
OOHWN-104-492-02 + Bracket Bolt, Right, Left$1.13
OOHP8N8-845-300-C-NVB + Quarter Glass, Right$149.69
OOH34D0-407-625-H + Wheel Bearing, Rear$227.14
OOHS4B0-885-607-B-6PS + Bezel, Rear$59.29
OOHB8F0-885-776-G + Seat Back Pad, Right Rear$270.22
OOHQ4F0-802-085-B + Rear Cross-Member, Rear$243.00
OOH406E-906-265-AJ + Oxygen Sensor, Left Front, Left Upper, Right Front, Right Upper$262.44
OOHNN-908-461-02 + Coupling Front Bolt, Front$1.94