Dr Speaker, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Rear, Right Front - OI 8P0-035-411-B - Audi A3

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Genuine Factory, OI Part Number: 8P0-035-411-B, 8P0-035-411 for 2007 Audi A3, Base, 2.0L L4 - Gas

AudiDr Speaker, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Rear, Right Front, 8P0-035-411-B
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  8P0-035-411-B
  • Part: Dr Speaker, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Rear, Right Front
  • Replaces: 8P0-035-411
  • Price: $82.62

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2006AudiA3 Quattro3.2L V6 - GasBase
2007AudiA3 Quattro3.2L V6 - GasBase
2006AudiA32.0L L4 - GasBase
2007AudiA32.0L L4 - GasBase

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OIF04F0-959-795-P + Control Module, Right, Left$335.34
OIFI7L6-615-149 + Caliper, Left$549.13
OIFD8K0-857-607-C-J50 + Assist Strap, Left Rear$116.64
OIF506E-133-109-AT + Intake Manifold, Left$539.46
OIFT4B0-881-328-E-4PK + Side Cover, Left Inner$176.90
OIFZ03L-105-561-GLB + Bearings, Upper$34.02
OIFR4H0-898-255-A + Mount Kit, Left, Right$72.90
OIFG4F1-837-015-F + Lock Assembly, Left$388.80
OIF7WHT-003-250 + Caliper Mount Bolt, Right, Left$1.78
OIF84H0-498-103-AX + Inner Joint Assembly, Left Inner, Right Inner$326.59
OIFM1J0-513-353-B + Shock Mount, Left, Right$41.72
OIFJ3B0-803-252 + Floor Pan Channel, Right Inner$53.46
OIFO4E0-399-114-BH + Rear Mount Bracket, Right Rear$134.14
OIF18E0-121-049-N + Lower Hose, Lower$171.07
OIFX8H0-853-829-B-3Q7 + Upper Molding, Upper$1,137.24
OIFW8K0-959-851-C-V10 + Window Switch, Left$71.93
OIFP3U0-611-707 + Brake Hose, Left, Right$39.50
OIF34E0-616-001-P + Strut, Left$2,079.76
OIFS4F9-864-748-VV2 + Compartment, Right$281.88
OIFB4B3-254-550-CX + Converter & Pipe, Right$1,508.22
OIFQ8N0-407-255-E + Knuckle, Left$395.28
OIF41J0-919-133 + Fuel Gauge Seal, Left$15.23
OIFN8T0-885-501-C-CA9 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$447.12
OICF3C0-010-492-L + Air Bag Label, Left Front, Right Front$6.53
OICC7L0-819-348-A + Lower Duct, Right Front, Right Lower$18.45
OICH420-251-212-LX + Exhaust Manifold, Right$1,508.22
OICU5Q0-955-453-BA + Washer Reservoir, Lower$106.92
OICA4E4-833-721-C + Surround Weather-Strip, Right, Left$187.60
OICY8V7-809-377-D + Rocker Reinforced, Left$245.92
OICK059-121-050-P + Tube, Lower$109.17
OIC28E0-615-425-H + Caliper Mount, Left, Right$134.14
OICV8P4-827-552-C + Lift Cylinder, Right, Left$66.10
OICE4H0-199-305 + Mount Bracket, Left$320.76
OIC98H0-881-235-B + Adjust Lever, Left$63.70
OICL8T0-955-101-A + Pressure Cylinder, Left$143.86
OIC606H-121-601-N + Auxiliary Pump, Rear$158.76
OIC08E0-615-425-G + Caliper Mount, Right, Left$134.14
OICI4H0-821-171-L + Ft Fender Liner, Left$166.65
OICDN-105-797-02 + Tensioner Upper Bolt, Upper$2.11
OIC54F0-199-382-BH + Motor Mount, Right Rear, Right$206.06
OICT8T0-831-052-C + Door Shell, Right$996.30
OICZN-901-143-31 + Drain Hose, Lower$12.39
OICR4A0-837-209 + Gasket, Left$3.24
OICG1J0-201-653-J + Fuel Tank Mount Strap, Left$44.06
OIC78N0-253-609-AA + Resonator, Rear$777.60
OIC8N-907-558-02 + Energy Absorber Bolt, Left, Right$2.51
OICM4G0-199-382-AE + Motor Mount, Right$267.30
OICJ8T0-831-051-C + Door Shell, Left$996.30
OICO4B9-880-441-A + Side Air Bag, Left Rear$464.94
OIC18E0-615-425-K + Caliper Mount, Left, Right$283.82
OICXN-903-562-03 + Console Body U-Nut, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Front, Left Rear$0.81
OICW4E0-820-043-G-5PR + Heater Control, Front$1,706.67
OICP8E0-857-607-C-E59 + Grip Handle, Left Front, Right Front$116.64
OIC38E0-615-425-J + Caliper Mount, Right, Left$198.29
OICS8D0-857-739-D-01C + Buckle End, Left$153.58
OICB4F0-881-515 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$775.66
OICQN-910-197-01 + Roof Molding Rivet, Left, Right$0.81
OIC48E0-615-425-F + Caliper Mount, Right, Left$135.11
OICN1K0-615-273-C + Bleeder Valve, Right, Left$14.82
OIHF8L0-941-953 + Socket & Wire, Right, Left$37.18
OIHC4B7-260-709-E + Rear AC Line, Rear$194.40
OIHHN-989-910-01 + Buckle End Nut, Left Upper, Right Upper$0.81
OIHU06E-133-110-AR + Intake Manifold, Right, Left, Right Lower$623.70
OIHAN-106-567-02 + Visor Screw, Left, Right$0.49
OIHYN-910-326-02 + Buckle Bolt, Right, Left$0.65
OIHK8J8-845-201-A + Door Glass, Left$155.52
OIH2N-013-848-7 + Pressure Hose O-Ring, Rear$0.81
OIHV5Q0-907-441-A + Control Unit, Rear$524.88
OIHE8R0-803-979-N + Center Shield, Front$204.12
OIH94E0-947-415-A + Glove Box Lamp, Left, Right$31.20
OIHLN-017-131-13 + Mini Fuse, Rear, Left, Front$0.78
OIH68T0-959-792-G + Control Module, Right$335.34
OIH08P1-863-345-A + Control Module Bracket, Left$36.45
OIHIN-106-664-01 + Power Steering Pump Lower Bolt, Lower$1.30
OIHD420-825-205-B + Rear Cover, Rear$291.60
OIH58T0-959-792-J + Control Module, Right$335.34
OIHT4G0-802-755-TA + Lower Side Panel, Left Lower, Left Outer$349.92
OIHZ07L-133-106-A + Insulator, Right$66.10
OIHR8E0-827-657-H + Handle Retainer Bracket, Right Outer$4.46
OIHG8J0-254-502-EX + Front Pipe, Front$1,587.60
OIH7079-253-034-AH + Exhaust Manifold, Right$587.09
OIH8N-909-264-01 + Hose & Tube Assembly Clamp, Left Rear, Right, Left Upper, Right Rear, Right Upper$2.15
OIHM8E5-867-245-2BH + Upper Quarter Trim, Left Upper$182.74
OIHJ8R0-807-134-C + Bumper Bracket, Right$140.94
OIHO8E0-882-328-A-4PK + Side Cover Cap, Right$14.74
OIH14H0-863-487-4PK + Speaker Grille, Left Outer$228.42
OIHX4D0-807-571-A + Guide Bracket, Left$87.48
OIHW3C0-199-855-J + Rear Mount, Rear$89.42
OIHP1J0-598-477 + Hub & Bearing, Left, Right$246.24
OIH3WHT-001-234 + Hinge Bolt, Left Upper, Left Lower, Right Upper, Right Lower$0.97
OIHS420-199-381-AA + Motor Mount, Right, Left$461.70
OIHB4H0-807-842-A + Retaining Bracket, Left, Right$36.45
OIHQ8E0-827-657-F + Pull Pocket Retainer, Right Inner, Left Inner$4.46
OIH406K-109-210-AF + Front Cover, Front$239.76
OIHNN-017-131-25 + Mini Fuse, Left Front, Left, Left Rear, Right, Right Front, Right Rear$0.79