NH Air Grille, Left 8E0-819-275-A-6G6 for Audi A4

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Part #8E0-819-275-A-6G6 - NH Air Grille, Left 8E0-819-275-4D9 for 2006 Audi A4, Cabriolet, 1.8L L4 - Gas

AudiAir Grille, Left, 8E0-819-275-A-6G6
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  8E0-819-275-A-6G6
  • Part: Air Grille, Left
  • Replaces: 8E0-819-275-4D9
  • Price: $21.06

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2005AudiS44.2L V8 - GasCabriolet
2006AudiS44.2L V8 - GasCabriolet
2004AudiA4 Quattro1.8L L4 - Gas, 3.0L V6 - GasCabriolet
2005AudiA4 Quattro3.0L V6 - GasCabriolet
2006AudiA4 Quattro3.0L V6 - GasCabriolet
2003AudiA41.8L L4 - Gas, 3.0L V6 - GasCabriolet
2004AudiA41.8L L4 - Gas, 3.0L V6 - GasCabriolet
2005AudiA41.8L L4 - Gas, 3.0L V6 - GasCabriolet
2006AudiA41.8L L4 - GasCabriolet

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NHFV8K9-877-203-C + Drain Hose, Left Rear, Right Rear$60.26
NHFE4F0-825-208-H + Front Shield, Right Front$164.27
NHF94D0-505-145-J + Suspension Cross-Member Insulator, Left Front, Right Front$89.42
NHFL06E-253-031-B + Exhaust Manifold, Left$451.98
NHF68T0-854-328-A-01C + Reveal Molding, Right$44.55
NHF08K0-972-252-E + ABS Sensor Wire, Right$106.92
NHFI8T0-857-705-B-IML + Seat Belt Assembly, Left$437.40
NHFD4L0-881-515 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$698.09
NHF58E0-199-351-M + Mount Bracket, Left Lower$95.26
NHFT8E0-611-775-N + Brake Hose, Right, Left$46.98
NHFZ8N0-837-019-A-7PE + Handle, Inside, Left$254.66
NHFR8E0-941-699-B + Fog Lamp Assembly, Left$219.67
NHFG4D0-857-561-E-E59 + Sun-Visor Bracket, Left, Right$9.72
NHF74B0-253-012-AX + Catalytic Converter, Right$1,508.22
NHF88N0-927-903-E + Sensor Harness, Left$97.20
NHFM06E-253-032-B + Exhaust Manifold, Right$451.98
NHFJ8E9-845-300-AF-NVB + Quarter Glass, Right$221.62
NHFO4F5-861-333-A + Blind, Left$568.62
NHF18F0-813-695-A + Retainer Plate, Left$21.87
NHFX4H0-881-879-L + Lumbar Support, Right, Left$798.11
NHFW8H0-813-341-A + Rear Body Reinforced, Lower, Rear$276.05
NHFP4Z7-863-187-A + Joint Cover, Left$126.36
NHF3N-019-530-8 + Impact Bar Bolt, Right Upper, Left Upper$2.43
NHFSN-105-495-03 + Cluster Housing Bolt, Right Inner, Left Inner$0.65
NHFB8J0-498-625-A + Hub & Bearing, Left, Right$243.00
NHFQ8E9-868-632-C-2BH + Side Trim, Right$164.27
NHF48K0-512-297-E + Lower Seat, Left Lower, Right Lower$22.68
NHFNWHT-001-333 + Ball Stud, Right Lower, Left Lower$3.52
NHCF420-615-601-F + Rotor, Right, Left$473.85
NHCC4B1-953-512-D-42R + Lower Cover, Lower$87.69
NHCHN-908-401-03 + Air Baffle Bolt, Right, Left$0.32
NHCU8F0-413-029-B + Shock, Left$631.80
NHCA8R0-853-283-F-2ZZ + Belt Weather-Strip, Left$165.24
NHCY8K0-881-439 + Bolster, Left, Right$83.20
NHCK4F0-399-419-E + Engine Cradle Rear Bushing, Right Rear, Left Rear$72.41
NHC28R0-945-095-B + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left Rear$179.82
NHCV8R0-839-902-M-5FQ + Applique, Right$131.22
NHCE8J0-807-421-G-1RR + Lower Cover, Lower$209.95
NHC98N0-399-401-A + Support Brace, Left$151.63
NHCL07L-133-835-K + Air Cleaner Assembly, Left$481.14
NHC68E0-698-151-Q + Front Pads, Front$568.62
NHC006D-121-085-C + Front Pipe, Front$69.98
NHCI4D0-807-459-C-5PV + Outer Molding, Left Outer$260.35
NHCD4E0-881-157-A + Lower Frame, Left Lower$1,200.42
NHC54B9-845-299-AQ-MKR + Quarter Glass, Left$388.80
NHCT4H4-845-299-D-NVB + Quarter Glass, Left$388.80
NHCZ4H0-837-206-B-GRU + Handle, Outside, Right$272.16
NHCR4E0-945-093-J + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$442.26
NHCG420-615-601-L + Rotor, Left$5,475.60
NHC78K0-498-099-F + Outer Joint Assembly, Right Outer, Left Outer$625.97
NHC807L-133-836-AE + Air Cleaner Assembly, Right$481.14
NHCM3C0-505-223-F + Trailing Arm, Left$176.58
NHCJ1J0-512-149-G + Upper Seat, Left Upper, Right Upper$23.00
NHCO4E0-945-093-K + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$442.26
NHC18E0-698-151-G + Brake Pads, Front$139.00
NHCX7P0-253-209-F + Front Muffler, Left Front$347.00
NHCW4E4-853-860-D-GRU + Rocker Molding, Right$267.30
NHCP7L8-820-727-B + Discharge Line, Rear$404.35
NHC38E0-959-855-A-5PR + Window Switch, Right, Right Front, Left Front$69.98
NHCS8P4-860-022-M-1P9 + Roof Molding, Right$486.00
NHCBN-101-961-03 + Ft Impact Sensor Bolt, Right Lower, Left Lower$0.55
NHCQN-013-966-26 + Cowl Trim Screw, Left, Right$0.32
NHC43C0-505-224-F + Trailing Arm, Right$176.58
NHCN8T0-867-410-AC-1LQ + Insert, Right$349.92
NHHF4E0-941-293 + Adjust Motor, Right, Left$161.35
NHHC4FD-254-552-BX + Converter & Pipe, Right$1,508.22
NHHH4H0-919-158-K-DEA + Dash Control Unit, Rear$805.55
NHHU4F0-825-216-F + Rear Shield, Right Rear$82.62
NHHAN-106-684-01 + Hinge Bolt, Upper$1.62
NHHY8R0-807-217-B + Center Cover, Lower$44.55
NHHKN-020-640-6 + Line Clip, Upper, Lower, Front$2.43
NHH2WHT-004-756-A + Suspension Cross-Member Mount Bolt, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear$10.69
NHHV8D0-857-507-GRU + Mirror Cover, Left$128.30
NHHE8R0-863-880-D-87A + Quarter Trim Panel, Right$364.50
NHH94H0-919-311 + Plug, Rear$34.75
NHHLN-907-088-03 + Heat Shield Retainer Nut, Right Rear, Right Front, Left Rear, Left Front$0.81
NHH64B3-805-203-A + Filler Plate, Left$417.96
NHH04H0-868-452-B-6PS + Speaker Grille, Right Lower$449.06
NHHI8R0-807-133-A + Bumper Bracket, Left$140.94
NHHD8R0-857-085-B-1CT + Side Cover, Left$43.74
NHH54E4-839-439-E + Window Guide, Left$364.50
NHHTN-903-471-04 + Window Regulator Nut, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Front, Left Rear$0.81
NHHZ079-103-601-F + Oil Pan, Lower$797.04
NHHR8V7-853-265-D-3Q7 + Side Trim, Left$349.92
NHHG4F0-825-215-M + Rear Shield, Left Rear$82.62
NHH78R0-407-694-D + Rear Lower Control Arm, Right, Right Rear, Right Lower$340.20
NHH8N-105-580-02 + Suspension Cross-Member Mount Bolt, Rear$4.28
NHHM059-103-469-AH + Valve Cover, Left$228.42
NHHJ1K0-407-151-AC + Lower Control Arm, Left Lower$234.90
NHHO6R0-501-541-A + Axle Beam Mount, Left, Right$38.88
NHH18N0-881-793-9Q2 + Recline Cover, Right Inner, Left Inner$43.74
NHHX06C-103-601-D + Oil Pan, Upper$583.20
NHHW06J-199-207-P + Side Support, Right$176.90
NHHP4E0-839-849-A + Mount Plate, Left$213.84
NHH34F0-882-251-4PK + Release Handle, Left$38.72
NHHSN-907-611-02 + Support Nut, Left Rear, Right Rear$0.81
NHHB4E0-861-387-A + Blind Retainer Clip, Left, Right$21.06
NHHQ1K0-145-834-AM + Lower Press Hose, Left Lower, Left Front$128.26
NHH44A0-839-239-B-01C + Trim Plate, Left Upper, Right Upper$40.50
NHHN078-109-150-A + Timing Cover Clip, Left Lower, Left Inner, Left Outer, Right Lower, Right Inner, Right Outer$1.62