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IE detail of the parts catalogs with pictures; 078-103-603-AF for 2001 Audi A4, Base, 2.8L V6 - Gas

AudiOil Pan, Upper, 078-103-603-AM
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  078-103-603-AM
  • Part: Oil Pan, Upper
  • Replaces: 078-103-603-AF
  • Price: $483.08

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1998AudiCabriolet2.8L V6 - GasBase
1998AudiA6 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
1999AudiA6 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
2000AudiA6 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
2001AudiA6 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
1998AudiA62.8L V6 - GasBase
1999AudiA62.8L V6 - GasBase
2000AudiA62.8L V6 - GasBase
2001AudiA62.8L V6 - GasBase
1998AudiA4 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
1999AudiA4 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
2000AudiA4 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
2001AudiA4 Quattro2.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
1998AudiA42.8L V6 - GasAvant, Base
1999AudiA42.8L V6 - GasBase
2000AudiA42.8L V6 - GasBase
2001AudiA42.8L V6 - GasBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
IEFF4L0-853-907-K-1P9 + Frame Molding, Left$93.70
IEFC8R0-867-243-F-5D3 + Upper Center Pillar Trim, Left Upper$158.44
IEFH8E0-882-350-A + Outer Support, Left Outer$14.40
IEFU4L0-867-233-B-H82 + Windshield Pillar Trim, Left$156.59
IEFA1J0-407-115-H + Inner Boot Cap, Right Inner, Left Inner$11.34
IEFY8E0-882-351-A + Outer Support, Right Outer, Right$14.40
IEFK4G0-941-044-E + Composite Headlamp, Right$1,184.63
IEF2N-106-258-02 + Turn Signal Lamp Screw, Right, Left$0.49
IEFV420-133-845-L + Lower Housing, Left Lower$528.77
IEFE8T0-845-501-C-NVB + Back Glass, Rear$643.46
IEF9N-906-526-02 + Stud, Left, Right$0.49
IEFL4B9-845-300-AR-MKR + Quarter Glass, Right$320.76
IEF65K0-498-621-A + Hub & Bearing, Left Front, Right Front$246.24
IEF08T1-867-173-A-25D + Armrest, Left$515.16
IEFI078-109-107-S + Front Cover, Left Inner, Left, Left Front$194.40
IEFD8H0-941-004-AG + Headlamp Assembly, Right$456.84
IEF54G0-819-209-B-BF1 + Air Outlet, Left Rear$145.80
IEFT420-133-845-C + Lower Housing, Lower$217.73
IEFZ8T0-941-453-A + Support, Left$70.55
IEFR4E0-810-081 + Hinge Pillar Reinforced, Left$979.29
IEFGN-904-570-03 + Bracket Bolt, Right Upper, Right Lower, Left Upper, Left Lower$0.49
IEF78K0-407-253-R + Knuckle, Left$578.34
IEF84G0-907-697-D + Control Module, Right, Left$306.18
IEFM8U0-857-551-F-QM6 + Sun-Visor, Left$231.34
IEFJ1J0-864-203-C-6PS + Tie Down, Left, Right$33.05
IEFON-905-969-06 + Trans Mount Rear Bolt, Rear$6.90
IEF18K9-861-334-C-MDF + Blind, Right$349.92
IEFX4F9-867-288-C-S41 + Quarter Glass Trim, Right$116.64
IEFW8D0-837-779-B + Window Frame Shim, Right, Left$3.24
IEFP5Q0-919-283-E + Control Module, Rear$281.88
IEF38E0-853-376-Q-01C + Scuff Plate, Right Rear$148.04
IEFS4L0-809-409-B + Outer Wheelhouse, Left Outer$514.19
IEFBN-104-537-02 + Fog Lamp Assembly Screw, Left, Right$0.81
IEFQ4G5-853-345-D-2ZZ + Window Molding, Left$148.04
IEF48E9-845-300-H-NVB + Quarter Glass, Right$221.62
IEFN4B0-035-420-P40 + Speaker Grille, Right$12.96
IECF8E0-880-242-F-6PS + Side Impact Inflator Module, Right Front, Right$357.03
IECC4F5-863-991-C-36R + Compartment, Left$136.08
IECH4H0-845-021-E + Door Glass, Left$427.68
IECU8E0-407-509-P + Rear Upper Control Arm, Left Rear, Left, Left Upper$160.38
IECA8D0-201-654-Q + Fuel Tank Strap, Right, Rear$91.37
IECY7L0-399-649-D + Trans Mount Bracket, Rear$65.12
IECK4E4-867-303-H-RNS + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,814.40
IEC2N-104-571-01 + Center Pillar Trim Screw, Left Lower, Left Upper, Right Lower, Right Upper$0.32
IECV8E0-407-509-Q + Upper Link, Left Rear, Left, Left Upper$242.03
IECE06E-103-926-L + Engine Cover, Rear$145.80
IEC97L6-868-307 + Belt Weather-Strip Rivet, Right Front, Right Inner, Left Front, Left Inner$1.62
IECL8P4-839-019-E-7PE + Handle, Inside, Left$106.92
IEC61K0-998-262 + Oxygen Sensor, Left Rear, Right, Left, Left Front, Right Rear, Right Front$199.26
IEC04D0-813-623-E + Gutter, Left Upper$437.40
IECI8P4-945-095-H + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left Outer$204.12
IECD06E-103-926-D + Rear Cover, Rear$145.80
IEC54G8-853-284-H-T94 + Belt Molding, Right$288.68
IECT8E0-407-509-A + Rear Upper Control Arm, Left Rear, Left, Left Upper$126.36
IECZ4G8-810-199-A + Inner Panel, Left Inner$355.75
IECR4D0-399-542-B + Lower Mount Support, Right Lower$178.85
IECG8E0-807-489-01C + Lower Trim, Left Lower$68.04
IEC78R0-853-764-F-2ZZ + Belt Weather-Strip, Right$165.24
IEC84A0-853-989-01C + Cover Molding, Left$60.26
IECM8E0-501-203-RX + Axle Assembly, Right, Left$498.96
IECJ4E0-886-416-6PS + Switch Bezel, Right$58.89
IECO077-103-603-AE + Oil Pan, Upper$880.31
IEC18T1-867-272-H-1CT + Cowl Kick Panel, Right$69.98
IECX1K0-615-273-A + Bleeder Valve, Right, Left$14.82
IECWN-011-164-17 + Adjust Nut, Right Inner, Right Outer, Left Inner, Left Outer$1.62
IECP079-103-121-AH + Front Pipe Gasket, Right Front, Right Lower$9.59
IEC34E0-857-086-E-6PS + Side Cover, Right$68.04
IECS8K0-413-029-N + Strut, Left$631.80
IECB8D9-810-182-G + Inner Panel, Right Inner$422.82
IECQ4D0-399-541-B + Lower Mount Support, Left Lower$178.85
IEC48H0-885-805-AP-PHR + Seat Back Cover, Rear$1,337.31
IECN8E0-501-203-SX + Axle Assembly, Left, Right$498.96
IEHF8K0-803-697-C + Lower Reinforced, Left Lower$90.40
IEHC4D0-857-806-C-V04 + Retractor Assembly, Right$437.40
IEHH4H0-837-461-B + Window Regulator, Right$278.96
IEHU8N0-867-162-A-8Z4 + Pull Handle, Right$262.44
IEHA5G0-885-754-CA9 + Seat Back Panel, Right Rear$79.04
IEHY4E0-953-503-G-4PK + Wiper Switch, Front$250.78
IEHK420-813-077-E + Upper Rail, Left Upper$322.70
IEH24E0-867-289 + Lower Quarter Trim Clamp, Right Lower, Left Lower$0.73
IEHV4L0-807-134-C + Bumper Bracket, Right$213.84
IEHE8P4-853-492-H-01C + Scuff Plate, Right Front$262.44
IEH98E0-413-031-DF + Strut, Left, Right$291.60
IEHL4F5-863-888-G-36R + Trunk Side Trim, Right$347.98
IEH6443-857-847-B-4PK + Seat Belt Assembly Button, Left Lower, Left Upper, Left Outer, Right Lower, Right Upper, Right Outer$13.45
IEH08E0-422-821-C + Tie Rod, Left Inner, Right Inner$70.96
IEHI4E1-864-613-H-6PS + Scuff Plate, Left$276.05
IEHD8S0-809-409-A + Outer Wheelhouse, Left Outer$514.19
IEH55N0-877-055-B-9B9 + Front Glass, Front$947.70
IEHT8T0-857-593-AB-DK1 + Mirror Inside Lower Cover, Lower$26.73
IEHZ8Z0-867-276 + Seat Back Panel Clip, Right Rear, Left Rear$2.43
IEHR8E9-867-973-A-6PS + Upper Trim Panel, Upper$123.44
IEHG8J0-407-272-N + Axle Assembly, Right$657.72
IEH78E0-413-031-CC + Strut, Right, Left$239.11
IEH88E0-413-031-CK + Strut, Right, Left$239.11
IEHM4Z7-941-699-A + Fog Lamp Assembly, Left$260.50
IEHJ420-853-906-A-6PS + Sill Trim, Right$184.78
IEHO4F0-803-401-D + Side Rail Assembly, Left$777.60
IEH14E0-598-099-C + Outer Joint Assembly, Left Outer, Right Outer$609.44
IEHX4F0-853-375-H-01C + Scuff Plate, Left Rear$148.04
IEHW7P6-614-161 + Brake Tube, Left$15.71
IEHP8E0-881-607-E-4PK + Recline Cover, Left$33.21
IEH3N-908-777-02 + Pillar Trim Screw, Left Lower, Right Lower$0.65
IEHS8V5-853-763-C-2ZZ + Belt Molding, Left$160.38
IEHB079-131-101-AR + Egr Valve, Left$218.70
IEHQ4G0-864-261-L-LE2 + Front Cover, Front$932.96
IEH4420-863-097-C-1P9 + Lamp Cover, Left$106.92
IEHN443-845-631-A + Windshield Spacer, Left Lower, Left Rear, Right Lower, Right Rear$2.43