2015 Audi A5, Seat Back Panel, Left Rear, Right Rear HX - Part number: 8R0-881-969-H-XXL

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HX Seat Back Panel, Left Rear, Right Rear, replace 8R0-881-969-H-GIJ 8R0-881-969-H-GIJ for 2015 Audi A5, Cabriolet, 2.0L L4 - Gas

AudiSeat Back Panel, Left Rear, Right Rear, 8R0-881-969-H-XXL
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  8R0-881-969-H-XXL
  • Part: Seat Back Panel, Left Rear, Right Rear
  • Replaces: 8R0-881-969-H-GIJ
  • Price: $236.70

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2014AudiS74.0L V8 - GasBase
2015AudiS74.0L V8 - GasBase
2016AudiS74.0L V8 - GasBase
2014AudiS53.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2015AudiS53.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2016AudiS53.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2014AudiRS74.0L V8 - GasBase
2015AudiRS74.0L V8 - GasBase
2016AudiRS74.0L V8 - GasBase
2014AudiRS54.2L V8 - GasBase, Cabriolet
2015AudiRS54.2L V8 - GasCabriolet
2014AudiA7 Quattro3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - GasBase, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige
2015AudiA7 Quattro3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige
2016AudiA7 Quattro3.0L V6 - Diesel, 3.0L V6 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige
2013AudiA5 Quattro2.0L L4 - Flex, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, Cabriolet
2014AudiA5 Quattro2.0L L4 - Flex, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, Cabriolet
2015AudiA5 Quattro2.0L L4 - Flex, 2.0L L4 - GasCabriolet, Premium
2016AudiA5 Quattro2.0L L4 - Flex, 2.0L L4 - GasPremium, Premium Plus
2014AudiA52.0L L4 - GasCabriolet
2015AudiA52.0L L4 - GasCabriolet

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HXFK1K0-881-705-AF + Lumbar Support, Left, Right$82.12
HXF2420-615-601-L + Rotor, Left$5,475.60
HXFV8R0-857-607-H-J50 + Assist Strap, Right Front, Left Front$96.23
HXFE4B3-941-003-P + Composite Headlamp, Left$489.89
HXF98T0-867-410-AC-1LQ + Insert, Right$349.92
HXFL1K0-881-879-A + Lumbar Support, Left Rear, Right Rear$646.36
HXF64F0-399-419-E + Engine Cradle Rear Bushing, Right Rear, Left Rear$72.41
HXF08J0-807-421-G-1RR + Lower Cover, Lower$209.95
HXFI8E9-857-791-B-8L5 + Guide, Left$69.98
HXFD4B3-941-003-S + Composite Headlamp, Left$1,142.51
HXF51J0-512-149-G + Upper Seat, Left Upper, Right Upper$23.00
HXFT4F1-867-272-D-4PK + Cowl Trim, Right$75.82
HXFZ4E0-881-157-A + Lower Frame, Left Lower$1,200.42
HXFR8K9-839-440-G + Run Channel, Right$311.04
HXFG8H0-809-641-A + Extension, Left$349.92
HXF707L-133-835-K + Air Cleaner Assembly, Left$481.14
HXF83C0-505-223-F + Trailing Arm, Left$176.58
HXFM1K0-881-879-B + Adjust Motor, Left$633.57
HXFJN-102-613-10 + Wiper Arm Nut, Right, Left$0.81
HXFO8H1-955-426-C + Wiper Blade, Right, Right Front$27.22
HXF1420-615-601-F + Rotor, Right, Left$473.85
HXFXN-101-961-03 + Ft Impact Sensor Bolt, Right Lower, Left Lower$0.55
HXFW8R0-853-283-F-2ZZ + Belt Weather-Strip, Left$165.24
HXFP4L0-853-283-E-2ZZ + Belt Weather-Strip, Left$209.95
HXF3N-908-401-03 + Air Baffle Bolt, Right, Left$0.32
HXFS8R0-521-101-Q + Drive Shaft, Right, Left$1,927.80
HXFB4D0-807-036-G + Seal, Right Outer$11.34
HXFQ079-971-845-AJ + Upper Pipe Bracket, Upper$62.13
HXF44D0-807-459-C-5PV + Outer Molding, Left Outer$260.35
HXFN8D9-853-709-A-01C + Cover Molding, Left$43.58
HXCF4E0-885-375-AE + Seat Cushion Pad, Left$330.48
HXCC8K0-803-717-E + Side Member, Left Outer$247.86
HXCH1K0-998-262-B + Oxygen Sensor, Rear$205.74
HXCUN-910-398-02 + Mount Bolt, Right Outer, Left Outer$3.29
HXCA8E0-819-275-A-1RS + Air Grille, Left$21.06
HXCY4B0-881-325-E-2SK + Side Cover, Left$176.90
HXCK1K0-998-262-F + Oxygen Sensor, Right Front, Right Rear, Right, Left Front, Left Rear$257.58
HXC2N-105-072-01 + Quarter Trim Screw, Right Lower, Left Lower$0.49
HXCV4H0-807-679-K-T94 + Lower Grille, Left Lower$259.52
HXCE8K0-963-555-F + Seat Cushion Heater, Right Rear, Left Rear$287.71
HXC98E0-857-085-C-8X5 + Side Cover, Left$36.45
HXCL4E0-853-702-C-GRU + Drip Channel, Right$148.04
HXC64H4-864-607-K-6PS + Lower Quarter Trim, Left Lower$432.54
HXC08K0-412-377-D + Upper Mount, Left Upper, Right Upper$42.93
HXCI1K0-998-262-C + Oxygen Sensor, Left Rear, Right, Right Rear$199.26
HXCD8K0-963-555-AN + Seat Cushion Heater, Right Front, Left Front$287.71
HXC53U0-837-885 + Handle Base, Left$77.76
HXCT4F0-399-409-C + Engine Cradle Front Bushing, Left Front, Right Front$72.41
HXCZ8K0-412-377-C + Upper Mount, Left Upper, Right Upper$42.93
HXCR1K0-998-262-S + Oxygen Sensor, Left Rear, Left, Right, Right Rear$199.26
HXCG1K0-998-262-A + Oxygen Sensor, Rear$199.26
HXC74E0-887-301-E-4PK + Cover, Left Outer, Right Outer$30.78
HXC84E4-853-709-A-01C + Drip Molding Retainer Strip, Left$93.70
HXCM1K0-998-262-H + Oxygen Sensor, Left Front, Left Rear, Right, Right Front, Right Rear$257.58
HXCJ1K0-998-262-D + Oxygen Sensor, Right Front, Right, Left Front$218.70
HXCO1K0-998-262-L + Oxygen Sensor, Left Front, Left$235.22
HXC14F0-498-625-B + Front Wheel Bearing, Right Front, Left Front$212.22
HXCX8K0-881-406-K-QJH + Cushion Cover, Right$520.02
HXCW8F0-863-821-B + Splash Shield, Front$325.62
HXCP1K0-998-262-Q + Oxygen Sensor, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear$199.26
HXC38E0-857-085-C-4PK + Side Cover, Left$36.45
HXCS1K0-998-262-T + Oxygen Sensor, Rear$199.26
HXCB8K0-963-555-AC + Seat Cushion Heater, Left Front, Right Front$213.84
HXCQ1K0-998-262-R + Oxygen Sensor, Left Rear, Left, Right Rear$199.26
HXC48E5-813-501-C + Rear Panel, Rear$408.24
HXCN1K0-998-262-K + Oxygen Sensor, Right Front, Right$257.58
HXHF4E0-903-127 + Insulator Insert, Left Rear, Left Upper, Left Lower, Right Rear, Right Upper, Right Lower$16.52
HXHC8E0-121-212-K + Auxiliary Radiator, Left$269.24
HXHH8T0-837-019-A-6PS + Handle, Inside, Left$126.36
HXHU8J0-498-203 + Outer Boot, Right Outer, Left Outer$73.08
HXHA6R0-819-465-A + Vent, Left, Right$28.92
HXHY8R0-837-902-P-5FQ + Applique, Right$111.78
HXHK4F0-615-269 + Retainer Spring, Right, Left$34.34
HXH24E4-853-969-C-GRU + Lower Molding, Left Lower$281.88
HXHV4B0-399-151-M + Trans Mount, Right, Left$102.12
HXHE8R1-949-146-A + Display Unit, Right$156.49
HXH94H0-615-107-E + Caliper, Left$1,031.94
HXHL06E-131-102-K + Valve, Right$217.08
HXH64G5-853-703-K-T94 + Roof Molding, Left$520.02
HXH04G0-616-715-F + Rear Hose, Left Rear$320.76
HXHI4G0-407-253-B + Knuckle, Left$787.32
HXHD8R1-949-145-A + Display Unit, Left$156.49
HXH58E0-807-151-A-01C + Trim Cover, Left$21.87
HXHT1K0-919-341-G-9B9 + Power Outlet Housing, Right$23.81
HXHZ8K0-807-332-A + Energy Absorber, Right$155.52
HXHR8H0-807-199-A + Fog Lamp Assembly Screw, Left, Right$1.86
HXHG8H0-871-795-B + Hydraulic Cylinder, Right, Left$533.63
HXH78V5-839-431-D + Run Channel, Left$213.84
HXH88G0-863-821-B + Under Cover, Front$651.24
HXHM427-810-991-TA + Connector Plate, Left$471.42
HXHJWHT-005-437 + Axle Bolt, Right, Left$5.83
HXHO1K0-959-455-FR + Fan & Motor, Left$324.00
HXH18R0-845-201-D + Door Glass, Left$170.10
HXHX8P0-857-607-R-4PK + Assist Strap, Left Front, Right Front$96.23
HXHWN-909-590-04 + Hinge Bolt, Right, Left$1.54
HXHP4H0-498-103-A + Inner Joint Assembly, Right Inner, Left Inner$520.99
HXH38F0-813-149-A + Lower Crossmember, Lower$349.92
HXHS1K4-882-046-KQ + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear$612.36
HXHB8E0-121-212-J + Auxiliary Radiator, Right, Left$340.20
HXHQ3D0-919-341-H + Front Housing, Front$24.14
HXH4N-902-955-02 + Wiper Arm Nut, Left, Right$0.81
HXHN8E5-853-704-M-1P9 + Drip Molding, Right$260.35