0U Column Cover, Lower 8N0-953-512-B-6PS for Audi TT

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Genuine Factory, 0U Part Number: 8N0-953-512-B-6PS, 8N0-953-512-B98, 8N0-953-512-A-6PS for 2006 Audi TT, Base, 1.8L L4 - Gas

AudiColumn Cover, Lower, 8N0-953-512-B-6PS
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  8N0-953-512-B-6PS
  • Part: Column Cover, Lower
  • Replaces: 8N0-953-512-B98, 8N0-953-512-A-6PS
  • Price: $112.75

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2000AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - GasBase
2001AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - GasBase
2002AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - GasALMS Edition, Base
2003AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - GasBase
2004AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasBase
2005AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasBase
2006AudiTT Quattro1.8L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasBase, Special Edition
2000AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase
2001AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase
2002AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase
2003AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase
2004AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase
2005AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase
2006AudiTT1.8L L4 - GasBase

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0UFC8T0-821-111-A + End Plate, Left$87.48
0UFH8P0-881-479-B-01C + Track End Cover, Left Front, Left Inner$24.22
0UFU8P0-898-522-L + Repair Kit, Right$967.20
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0UFYN-907-397-03 + Air Mass Sensor Screw, Right, Left$0.65
0UFK0AB-525-284-B + Stub Shaft, Left, Right$403.38
0UF24H4-877-201-B + Drain Hose, Right Front, Left Front$36.45
0UFV420-698-151-F + Brake Pads, Front$631.80
0UFE8E0-121-101-AJ + Upper Hose, Upper$95.26
0UF9N-103-470-03 + Thermostat Hsng Bolt, Right Rear, Left Rear$0.65
0UFL4H0-881-607-F-1LQ + Upper Trim, Left Upper, Right Upper$630.00
0UF68E0-857-552-R-5B9 + Sun-Visor, Right$231.34
0UF08T0-821-467-A + Front Bracket, Left Front$38.07
0UFI4G0-853-284-H-T94 + Belt Molding, Right$276.05
0UFD4H0-813-673-C + Drip Channel Reinforcement, Left$36.45
0UF54F0-407-151-A + Lower Control Arm, Left Lower, Right Lower$340.20
0UFT8A0-837-087 + Lock Packing, Left Lower$10.13
0UFZ1K0-145-770-AH + Air Pipe, Left$152.56
0UFR8D0-599-289 + Front Crossmember, Front$271.19
0UFG7L0-820-105-B + Evaporator Core, Rear$422.82
0UF78E0-881-348-C-4PK + Front Cover, Left Inner, Left Front$31.31
0UF84G8-857-228-C-BD6 + Speaker Grille, Right$34.83
0UFMN-902-886-06 + Upper Trim Panel Screw, Upper$0.49
0UFJ8E0-611-707-H + Brake Hose, Left, Right$136.08
0UFO8V0-906-262-D + Oxygen Sensor, Front$190.53
0UF18T0-821-469-B + Rear Bracket, Left Rear$38.07
0UFX4D4-839-753-B + Inner Panel, Left Inner$1,433.70
0UFW4D0-407-182-G + Bushing, Left Inner, Left Front, Left Outer, Left Lower, Right Inner, Right Front, Right Outer, Right Lower$40.91
0UFP7P0-407-271-C + Axle Assembly, Left, Right$869.78
0UF34D0-407-183-AC + Bushing, Left Rear, Left Lower, Right Rear, Right Lower$74.62
0UFS8K1-880-301-C-6PS + Storage Cover, Lower$265.36
0UFB8E0-698-470-B + Boot Kit, Left, Right$21.38
0UFQ8J7-809-051-E + Outer Wheelhouse, Left Outer$736.78
0UF44H0-839-440-D + Window Guide, Right$372.60
0UFN427-853-268-C-GRU + Belt Molding, Right$873.99
0UCF7L0-498-201-A + Inner Boot, Right Inner, Left Inner$65.08
0UCCWHT-000-227 + Upper Control Arm Adjust Bolt, Right Upper, Left Upper$7.78
0UCH4G5-880-741-C + Inflator Curtain, Left$532.98
0UCU8F0-863-880-D-CA9 + Trunk Trim Panel, Right$223.56
0UCA8P4-837-461-C + Window Regulator, Left$155.52
0UCYWHT-001-675 + Adjust Bolt Washer, Right Lower, Left Lower$2.35
0UCK8K0-505-432-AP + Knuckle, Right$656.10
0UC2420-823-543-A + Release Cable, Front$89.42
0UCV8P0-810-171-H + Splash Shield, Left$145.80
0UCEWHT-000-228 + Lower Control Arm Adjust Bolt, Left Lower, Right Lower$7.78
0UC9N-106-444-03 + Belt Tensioner Bolt, Left, Right$0.97
0UCL8J0-853-491-G-01C + Sill Plate, Left$151.63
0UC68E1-955-319 + Linkage Rod, Right, Left$235.87
0UC08N0-498-099-AX + Outer Joint Assembly, Left Outer, Right Outer$363.53
0UCI8K9-863-555-A + Retainer Plate, Left$228.42
0UCDN-907-750-01 + Fender Liner Screw, Left Lower, Left Rear, Left Inner, Left Front, Left Outer, Left Upper, Right Lower, Right Rear, Right Inner, Right Front, Right Outer, Right Upper$0.97
0UC58N0-498-099-X + Outer Joint Assembly, Right Outer, Left Outer$291.60
0UCT7L8-254-450-GX + Catalytic Converter, Right, Right Front$1,181.63
0UCZ420-823-509-A + Latch, Front$126.94
0UCR4E0-809-040-D + Inner Side Panel, Right Inner$1,555.20
0UCG4L1-862-435-4PK + Cup Holder Insert, Rear$30.78
0UC78E0-407-451-GX + Axle Assembly, Left$680.40
0UC88E0-407-451-HX + Axle Assembly, Right, Left$680.40
0UCM8J0-809-245-F + Inner Hinge Pillar, Left Inner$481.14
0UCJ8D0-845-131-E-01C + Reveal Molding, Upper$69.01
0UCO8K9-861-736-A-4PK + Upper Bracket, Right Upper$78.73
0UC18U0-845-205-C + Door Glass, Left$243.00
0UCXWHT-001-676 + Knuckle Washer, Left Lower, Left Front, Left Inner, Right Lower, Right Front, Right Inner$1.86
0UCW1J0-803-311-J + Front Shield, Front$142.77
0UCP8N0-609-721-H + Park Brake Cable, Right, Left$92.34
0UC38J0-512-133 + Cap, Left, Right$28.35
0UCSN-905-818-04 + Drive Unit Mount Bolt, Right Upper, Left Upper$0.97
0UCB06C-109-083-P + Timing Gear Set, Left Outer, Right$926.64
0UCQ8D9-839-439-P + Run Channel, Left$364.50
0UC406C-121-075-F + Water Pipe, Rear Lower$95.26
0UCN107-837-167-TB + Cylinder & Keys, Left$266.33
0UHF8T0-880-667-C + Deform Element, Left$126.36
0UHC4L0-253-682-A + Chrome Extension, Right$330.48
0UHH8R0-863-556-B + Retaining Strip, Right$228.42
0UHU06K-906-262-C + Oxygen Sensor, Front$204.70
0UHA4F5-810-647-C + Filler Plate, Left$171.07
0UHY4D0-880-241-F + Side Impact Inflator Module, Left Front, Left$470.61
0UHK7L0-698-451-H + Brake Pads, Rear$112.62
0UH24D0-407-615-F + Front Hub, Left Front, Right Front$250.78
0UHVN-904-759-03 + Ignition Switch U-Nut, Left, Right$0.81
0UHE1J0-411-314-R + Stabilizer Bar Bushing, Right, Left$12.18
0UH94L0-877-055-D + Front Glass, Front$1,053.00
0UHL4L0-807-333-A + Side Support, Left$25.92
0UH64F9-898-851 + Drive Unit, Right$884.52
0UH08E0-498-103-E + Inner Joint Assembly, Right Inner, Left Inner$408.24
0UHI3B0-498-099-D + Outer Cv Joint, Outer$583.20
0UHD4L0-253-682-T + Tail Pipe Extension, Right$359.64
0UH53D0-919-087-L + Fuel Pump, Right Lower, Right$458.46
0UHT4H0-877-201-B + Drain Hose, Right Front, Left Front$36.45
0UHZ4B0-803-401-E + Side Rail Assembly, Left$2,041.20
0UHR4L0-883-257-C + Lock Cable, Left, Right$63.70
0UHGN-909-059-02 + Seat Belt Assembly Mount Bolt, Left, Right$0.49
0UH74B0-201-308-J + Heat Shield, Right$66.10
0UH84B0-803-402-E + Side Rail Assembly, Right$733.86
0UHMN-906-420-01 + Engine Cover Pin, Upper, Front, Outer$2.43
0UHJ4B0-885-590-4PK + Ski Bag Front Cover, Rear, Inner, Front$137.12
0UHO06K-103-269-F + Cover, Front$87.48
0UH1005-409-123-A + Side Bearings, Left$142.48
0UHX4D0-498-099-AX + Outer Joint Assembly, Left Outer, Right Outer$305.21
0UHW4B0-201-307-B + Shield, Upper$17.01
0UHP4D0-407-613-E + Front Hub, Right Front, Left Front$250.78
0UH34G0-616-039-AL + Air Spring, Left, Right$1,215.42
0UHS4L0-807-334-A + Side Support, Right$25.92
0UHB8H0-845-353-B + Weatherstrip, Front$534.60
0UHQ8K0-804-160-K + Heat Shield, Rear$161.35
0UH48E0-201-653-AF + Fuel Tank Strap, Left Outer$34.83
0UHN8T0-881-805-BB-QJH + Seat Back Cover, Left Rear$968.76