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02 detail of the parts catalogs with pictures; 6N0-412-249-C for 2013 Audi A3, Base, TDI, 2.0L L4 - Diesel, 2.0L L4 - Gas

AudiStrut Bearing, Right Upper, Left Upper, 1K0-412-249-B
  • Manufactured: Audi
  • Part number:  1K0-412-249-B
  • Part: Strut Bearing, Right Upper, Left Upper
  • Replaces: 6N0-412-249-C
  • Price: $28.35

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2010AudiTT Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase, S
2011AudiTT Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase, S
2012AudiTT Quattro2.0L L4 - Gas, 2.5L L5 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige, RS, S
2013AudiTT Quattro2.0L L4 - Gas, 2.5L L5 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige, RS, S
2014AudiTT Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase, S
2015AudiTT Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase, S
2015AudiQ3 Quattro2.0L L4 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2016AudiQ3 Quattro2.0L L4 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2015AudiQ32.0L L4 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2016AudiQ32.0L L4 - GasPremium Plus, Prestige
2009AudiA3 Quattro2.0L L4 - Gas, 3.2L V6 - GasBase
2010AudiA3 Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase
2011AudiA3 Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase
2012AudiA3 Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase
2013AudiA3 Quattro2.0L L4 - GasBase
2009AudiA32.0L L4 - GasBase
2010AudiA32.0L L4 - Diesel, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, TDI
2011AudiA32.0L L4 - Diesel, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, TDI
2012AudiA32.0L L4 - Diesel, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, TDI
2013AudiA32.0L L4 - Diesel, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, TDI

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
02FF4B0-805-204-B + Filler Plate, Right$417.96
02FC8E0-253-609-JS + Resonator, Left Rear, Left$529.74
02FH8E9-955-425-C + Rear Blade, Rear$15.60
02FU4H0-907-472-B + Control Module, Right, Left$554.04
02FA8E0-253-609-FN + Resonator, Left Rear, Left$529.74
02FY8E0-857-563-A-4PK + Bracket Cap, Right, Left$6.16
02FK4F0-407-693-H + Rear Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower, Left Rear$383.94
02F24F0-407-253-G + Knuckle, Left$660.96
02FV4H0-907-472-F + Control Module, Left, Right$205.09
02FE8E0-253-609-KD + Resonator, Right Rear, Right$529.74
02F94H0-611-775-B + Brake Hose, Left, Right$46.98
02FL4F0-857-593-J-61S + Mirror Inside Lower Cover, Lower$30.78
02F68F0-837-911-D + Surround Weather-Strip, Left$231.34
02F04F9-955-711-E + Wiper Motor, Rear$265.36
02FI8E0-253-609-HF + Resonator, Left Rear, Left$675.54
02FD8E0-253-609-KC + Resonator, Left Rear, Left$529.74
02F58K0-698-151-L + Brake Pads, Front$152.69
02FT8E0-615-601-R + Rotor, Right, Left$103.19
02FZ3Q0-498-201 + Inner Boot, Left Inner, Right Inner$46.72
02FR8N7-810-130-A + Aperture Panel, Right$609.44
02FG4E0-837-461-B + Window Regulator, Left$278.96
02F78K0-698-151-K + Brake Pads, Front$152.69
02F87L0-881-677-G + Seat Bracket, Left$233.75
02FM4G8-857-705-H-DBG + Seat Belt Assembly, Left$748.44
02FJ8E0-253-609-HG + Resonator, Right Rear, Right$675.54
02FON-907-828-03 + Energy Absorber Bolt, Right, Left$1.94
02F13B0-959-761-AF + Adjust Motor, Left$260.82
02FXN-104-037-02 + Top Nut, Right, Left$1.62
02FW8X1-837-015-C + Lock Actuator, Left$264.53
02FP1K6-845-237-B + Windshield Buffer, Left Rear, Right Rear$3.24
02F38X1-837-016-C + Lock Actuator, Right$281.88
02FS8E0-615-601-Q + Rotor, Right, Left$82.13
02FB8E0-253-609-JT + Resonator, Right Rear, Right$529.74
02FQ8K9-845-300-L-NVB + Quarter Glass, Right$221.62
02F44B0-803-421-H + Inner Wheelhouse, Left Inner$554.04
02FN8E0-857-563-A-1YE + Bracket Cap, Right, Left$4.54
02CF8R0-827-239-B + Buffer, Left, Right$21.87
02CC4H0-823-531-D + Release Cable, Front$38.07
02CHN-907-702-01 + Hose & Tube Assembly Clamp, Rear, Upper, Front$1.75
02CU059-121-625-D + Elbow, Left Lower$7.84
02CA4L0-883-107-L-9AM + Seat Frame, Left$1,000.35
02CY8H1-880-841-A-6PS + Knee Inflator Module, Left$612.02
02CK4D0-845-026-G + Glass, Right$277.99
02C2400-419-753-C + Lower Shaft, Lower$442.26
02CV06H-103-603-AN + Oil Pan, Upper$277.02
02CE8D0-803-401-F + Rail Assembly, Left$539.46
02C98T0-805-143-A + Rear Reinforced, Left Rear$85.54
02CL4E4-817-911-B + Rear Reinforced, Left Rear$355.75
02C64E0-399-151-DG + Trans Mount, Left$328.20
02C0357-407-613-B + Front Hub, Front$211.90
02CIN-105-686-02 + Side Plate Bolt, Left, Right$5.02
02CD4G0-611-845-N + Brake Hose Bracket, Left$9.48
02C58D0-412-065-G + Spring Seat, Right Upper, Left Upper$76.79
02CT8N0-121-051-E + Lower Hose, Lower$95.26
02CZ4E1-959-801-F + Window Motor, Left$461.02
02CR8H0-955-101-A + Headlamp Washer, Left$176.90
02CG079-253-036-F + Heat Shield, Left$32.40
02C74E0-399-151-DK + Trans Mount, Right$328.20
02C88E9-955-407-C + Rear Arm, Rear$82.62
02CM07L-103-471-Q + Valve Cover, Left$495.72
02CJ4A0-615-601-A + Rotor, Right, Left$64.18
02CON-909-529-02 + Reinforced Beam Bolt, Left, Right$0.81
02C18D9-827-552-G + Lift Cylinder, Right, Left$76.79
02CX8K0-802-441-B + Hinge Pillar Reinforced Reinforced, Left Lower, Left Upper$28.35
02CW8R0-413-029-L + Strut, Left$714.42
02CP4Z7-505-145-E + Cross-Member Bushing, Left Rear, Right Rear$116.64
02C306J-103-600-AF + Oil Pan, Lower$174.96
02CS4D0-837-035-B + Striker, Right, Left$58.32
02CB4G0-881-361-L + Seat Cushion Pad, Left, Right$330.48
02CQ8H0-871-607-A + Oil Pipe, Left$509.33
02C44E0-399-151-DD + Trans Mount, Left, Right$328.20
02CN06D-145-718-M + Lower Hose, Lower$68.04
02HF4E0-809-545-C + Inner Pillar, Left Upper, Left Inner, Left Rear$315.90
02HC4F0-837-461-D + Window Regulator, Left$314.93
02HH420-825-371-A + Muffler Shield, Left, Right$21.22
02HU4F0-513-032-AG + Strut, Left, Right$379.08
02HA893-253-147-D + Hanger, Left Front, Right Front$21.98
02HY4F5-945-095-M + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$364.50
02HK8J7-505-477-C + Track Bar, Left$213.84
02H28F0-831-721-D + Upper Weather-Strip, Left Upper$324.65
02HVN-908-475-01 + Engine Cover Clamp, Upper$1.62
02HE427-857-705-D-V04 + Belt & Retractor, Left$437.40
02H94F0-955-557-A + Side Impact Sens, Left Front, Right Front$97.20
02HL8K0-512-141-D + Upper Seat, Left Upper, Right Upper$22.68
02H67L0-802-035-E + Side Member, Left$481.14
02H04E4-809-849 + Aperture Panel, Left$1,550.02
02HI4G0-513-353-C + Shock Mount, Left, Right$106.92
02HD8R0-898-522-E + Occupant Module, Right$967.20
02H54L0-945-093-A + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$278.96
02HT4F0-837-885-E + Handle Base, Left$145.80
02HZ4E4-809-843 + Quarter Panel, Left$2,069.55
02HR079-103-051-D + Seal, Front$38.83
02HG4E0-809-546-C + Inner Pillar, Right Upper, Right Rear, Right Inner$315.90
02H71K0-501-529-H + Lateral Arm, Left, Right$84.92
02H81J0-698-451-P + Brake Pads, Rear$56.81
02HM4G0-254-300-P + Muffler & Pipe, Left Front, Left$346.42
02HJ893-837-821-A + Control Cable Clip, Right Outer, Right Upper, Left Outer, Left Upper$1.38
02HO4A0-837-206-K + Handle, Outside, Right$57.93
02H14L0-035-382-B + Rear Speaker, Lower, Rear$427.68
02HX4E4-809-837 + Rocker Panel, Left$1,012.99
02HWN-100-091-10 + Safety Catch Bolt, Right, Left$0.65
02HPN-100-632-05 + Child Seat Bracket Bolt, Right, Left$0.97
02H34F0-837-886-D + Handle Base, Right$58.32
02HS059-103-051-K + Main Seal, Rear, Front$28.92
02HB8E0-422-704-B + Heat Shield, Right$31.10
02HQ4H0-407-152-C + Lower Control Arm, Right, Right Lower$277.02
02H47L0-501-655-B + Front Hub, Right Front, Left Front$250.78
02HN4H0-806-063-H + Bumper Bracket, Left$255.64